I received pictures of the ikat backpack sample a few days ago, and they look great! After making a few adjustments to the bag and the website, I hope to have the online store up and running. I've also finished sketches of a second design in gray and black and hope to have a sample done for this model as well.

On a slightly different note, I came across a pretty interesting article in the Wall Street Journal regarding the efforts of the Indian government to level the playing field for children in terms of education. Here's the link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704083904576337373758647478.html.

The situation is truly delicate - it is important that children are afforded equal opportunities as much as possible, but whether that could or should come at the cost of the organization of education systems is debatable. One thing's for sure - the gap between the rich and poor persists in India despite the nation's recent technological advances.

Furthermore, unlike yesterday, when much knowledge could be acquired through books and reading material, children are expected to be technologically literate in today's society. The days of the hardbound journal are numbered, and the era of the blog (ironic that I'm writing this, I know) has begun. Instead of using pen and paper to calculate interest rates, we have excel spreadsheets that take care of algorithms for us. Rather than communicate face-to-face, many individuals resort to text messaging or emailing. While it can be argued that these trends have negative effects, it cannot be denied that these trends exist and persist today. Therefore, it is all the more important that children be given the opportunity to attend school, where they will be exposed to these new types of mediums and tools and will be prepared for anything the future might throw at them.