The Ikat Classic and Textured Classic

We've just placed an order for our first two backpack product lines, the Ikat Classic and the Textured Classic. Pictures of both are displayed in the shop section of the site, check it out!

Both backpacks are inspired by the artistic styles of South Asia. Ikat is a weaving method that has been around for hundreds of years! It involves a very systematic process of thread dyeing to attain its characteristic look. First threads are individually isolated and bound together, and then they are selectively colored. Once the thread is woven through the loom, the patterned design is produced. The textured classic is a twist on another weaving style of South Asia in which singular strands of selectively colored thread are woven into a solid fabric. These threads are infused based on the grain of the solid fabric, which is how the eventual product attains a very unique appearance.

Please check out both models in the shop section of the site, and let us know what you think!