Our new line will incorporate styles from Africa and Mexico!


We've been busy working on the new line of Jatalo backpacks. Our launch was fantastic, and we'll keep selling the Ikat Classic as well as the Textured Classic, but we'll be adding an additional three designs to the Shop very soon!

Some insider info follows:

One of our backpacks is based on the African Bògòlanfini cloth style, commonly known as 'mudcloth'. This type of cloth involves treating the fabric with fermented earth and mud, which gives it its distinctive color and texture. The form is said to have originated with the Malian people of Africa but gradually spread throughout the continent.

The mudcloth has significance in several African cultures as a symbol of protection and personal strength. In various African cultures, the mudcloth designs are combined with images of significant animals such as crocodiles and gazelles. Some tribes are said to have even used the form to represent historical events!

Another one of our new designs is based on the style of the Serape, which is a culturally unique blanket indigenous to Mexico. Serapes are often vibrant in color and have fringes at the perimeter. It is said that the Serape originated with the Mayan civilization. In smaller villages and towns, women weave their own Serape patterns using a systematic threading process. This results in individuals possessing unique blends of style and color in their Serapes!

In addition to these two designs, there will be one more released with our new line of backpacks! We're currently putting the finishing touches on these models, and we'll hopefully have them available for purchase in the Shop in the next few weeks!